Julie Eastwood, Special Event Volunteer Program

Name:  Julie Eastwood

Volunteer Program:  Special Event volunteer

When did you begin volunteering?  January 2012

Why did you choose to volunteer?  To fulfill my obligation of stewardship. My life is busy, rich, and full of excitement.  I love my children, and try to live by example to show them how to live a faith-filled life of integrity, honesty, and accountability not only to themselves but to others. 

What volunteer activities have you participated in?  Aviation Day, Fill the Boot, Poker Run

Can you share a moving moment or experience that you have had while volunteering?  I enjoy working with the public, educating them, and being a source of knowledge.  My most memorable volunteer experience was seeing my eight and five-year-old children passing out fire department stickers to children waiting in line to get on the fire engine. 

Do you work?  Yes, I work full-time for the City of Mesa as a Human Resource Recruiter. 

What do you do in your free time?  I spend time with my children, parents, and two-year-old niece.

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One Response to Julie Eastwood, Special Event Volunteer Program

  1. Bill Powell says:

    This is my daughter.

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